Sunday, October 23, 2011

Local Box 10/18 - Persimmons

Persimmons & Italian Cucumber Melon

I got this box early this week (and STILL am late to post ugh) because i helped out Greenling by being filmed for a segment for MSNBC - they wanted to film a delivery and i was available! It was very fun, but i woke up at 6:20 am this morning to watch the segment and the Greenling part wasn't on! Waiting to find out if it will be on another day, will keep you posted.

This box:
Asian Pears
Red Radish bunch
Fuyu Persimmons
Bok Choy
Italian Cucumber Melon
Broccoli Crown
Summer Squash
Gren Shallots Bunch
Sweet Potatoes

I had just bought a bunch of apples so i have an abundance - thinking i will make this very fall like Apple Crisp! yum

Radishes in salads - the greens i'm feeding to Drizzle the guinea pig - he loves them!

Persimmons - never in my life have i had or even touched one! They scare me still, but i googled :) - I cut one up and tasted, it tasted good, sweet, kind of rich. Not sure i would reach for one when craving a fruit. I'm going to try cutting up with a pear and a bit of plain coconut yogurt....

Bok Choy - not a huge huge bok choy fan - but i made this Apple Bok Choy salad before and it's one of my fave things

Italian Cucumber Melon - I'm actually stumped on this one - i guess i need to cut it open and see what it's like. is it a cucumber or a melon??? (see pic above with the persimmons)

Broccoli Crown - my kids are broccoli lovers so steamed and served

Summer Squash - quite a bit of zucchini so this Grilled Zucchini & Tomato Casserole looks amazing, but i'm also tempted to make these Zucchini Pancakes, i'm in a pancakey mood lately

Green Shallots - salads, or stir fried with greens

Sweet Potatoes - quite a few of these - this Sweet Potato Lenti Chili may be perfect for Halloween night dinner pre trick or treat!

Also this week i was invited to a Fall Tasting preview from Greenling - to try some of the new seasonal recipe kits - there was a minestroni soup which was delish, a quinoa salad that i totally forgot to photograph that i ate two servings of - but when that becomes  available it will have chicken with it so a no go for me, i may look it up when it comes out and replicate :)
But another stand out recipe kit dish was this Acorn Squash coconut curry - so good and it seemed like the kind of thing i would shy away from for being complicated, so I will have to buy this kit! here's a pic:

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