Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First box fixins - Greenling

Here's my delights from the Greenling Local Box from week of 12/27

first of all here's a pic of the Soba Noodle Salad i mentioned in the last post, it was so good i made it twice! That used up all the Mizuna & some of the shallots (and yes that is a few pieces of avocado i threw in there last minute, heavenly)

And here is my New Years Day feast of Black Eyed Peas & Greens and veggie chili with Sweet Potato

I opted not to make the Borscht - I don't have a food processor and the matchsticking/chopping involved is too labor intensive for my post surgery upper body strength...

Sooo i used one beet to juice with some apples & carrots i had, and i roasted the rest and made this yummy Beet & Tomato salad using some of the parsley too (loosely based on a recipe from The Kind Diet)

I used cabbage, sweet potato, a few leaves of greens & onion and made Weight Watchers zero point soup, altho i suppose the sweet potato may make it 1 point soup! I didn't take a pic because altho delish, the cabbage turned it all purpley blue. This was easy, just saute onion, garlic, and whatever veg you have,I had carrots, the sweet potato, add veggie broth, and the leafy foods (greens & cabbage) and simmer

Then i DID attempt the recipe that came with the box - Penne with Greens Turkey & Olives
Of course i didn't use turkey, i used a can of cannelini beans instead and i just omitted the cheeses. This used up the rest of the amazing greens and shallots. It was REALLY good, i even shared it with my non vegan next door neighbor and she loved it. The kids however, another story, the anti-olive brigade. hmmmph. they each ate one penne, ONE

I still have parsley, 2 sweet potatoes, an onion & half a cabbage left.
my friend suggested making chimichurri sauace with the parsley so i will!
I'm going to make Spicy Sweet Potato peanut soup - OMG
And i think i'm cabbage stumped. I love coleslaw...but need to make one without carrots because i don't have any, and i don't want to chop.

Seems i may squeeze one more post out of this box

(check out Greenling Facebook to see videos of the boxes every week)


  1. Everything looks good, especially the penne with olives. Mmm.

  2. We tried the mizuna/soba noodle salad. It was great!

    For the cabbage, I love to to braise half a head of shredded cabbage in veggie broth with some red pepper flakes. I stir in half a cup of vegan sour cream, then serve hot in a pita. It's an awesome lunch and reheats well, too.

    I hope you keep blogging, I really enjoyed seeing what you made this week. :)