Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cooking up a storm - Greenling Box #2

Here's my kitcheny delights from the Greenling Local Box of 1/13/11

I did juice the beets & apples but i did also make the Orange Glazed Beets Recipe from Vegan with a Vengance using the Tangerines instead of oranges. It was ok, i think i'm more of a fan of roasted beets in salads and juiced beets though. I also sauted the beet greens, with some garlic & olive oil, yum.

The best most amazing thing i made this week was the Roasted Cauliflower Soup with cashew cream - it's from this months VegNews magazine. The picture just doesn't show it's yumminess. It was insane.

I was proud of my bok choy, like i said before i would love to be the kind of cook that can whip stuff up sometimes without a recipe - so i was at the store and picturing the box and suddenly i craved a portabello and imagined it with the bok choy. So i sauteed the mushroom & bok choy with garlic & braggs, added a splash of Ume plum vinegar (my very fave addition) and it was way tasty.

I used the Russian Red Kale in that Pasta w/Sausage with Kale recipe, i used Tofurky italian sausage sliced  up, and whole wheat pasta. it was good in a very simple way. without a real sauce it was plain but tasty and made better with a dash of Ume and red pepper flakes. The kids added parmesan and avoided tofurky sausage pieces. Sigh...

I was so smitten with the two tiny butternut squashes i didn't want to cut them, i wish i had taken a pic. Also by the way, even tiny, with my new knives, it was still a drag to cut and peel them. Such a deterrant for a lazy cook like me, but they are so darn good. I roasted them and made Lemony Quinoa w/Butternut Squash from the Fat Free Vegan website. Foolproof deliciousness. No picture sorry!

I was excited about the daikon but kept finding recipes that grated it, i didn't want to do that (remember lazy), but i did want to try it raw, so i found this Daikon & Apple Salad recipe which was a fun way to use up the last apple. I can't find the link, but it was thinly sliced daikon, onion & apple tossed with lime juice. very fresh and light, i ate it with the quinoa

There was still some left so i made the braised daikon from The Kind Diet - it may look like a brown banana but i assure you it was really amazing, i think this will be a staple, easy, healthy & yum

The lettuce & avocado were used in many a delish salad.

My goal with the next box is to try and make more things the kids might like, maybe have them cook one thing with me.

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