Friday, May 16, 2014

Local Box 5/15/14 - Vegan Greenling Meal Plan

yay - still more strawbs, these are so good I just keep eating the from the basket - they may not make it past this blog post writing

In this box:

Live cilantro plant
Lacinto Kale
Assorted Winter Greens (looks like i got all beet greens)
Summer Squash
Valencia Oranges
Sweet Spring 1015 Onion
Rainbow Carrots with Tops

I am going to give the plant to my neighbor to plant in her garden - i want it to thrive!

Strawberries, yum. just yum

Lacinto Kale - i love a kale salad as you know! I think i will make one by Colleen Patrick Goudreau - KALE SALAD

Beet Greens - saute is all

Summer Squash - if i don't just steam them or put them raw in a salad i really reallly want to try this Summer Squash Gratin 

Grapefruit & oranges - in my beloved green smootheis

Carrots - I will use these in salads

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