Wednesday, May 30, 2012

fennel & potatoes rule

i think the best thing i made this week was the fennel and potatoes! I didn't get fingerling potatoes like the recipe, i got blue & yellow small potatoes, it was so  so delish and unique tasting.

I did indeed finally make the coleslaw and it was divine, the agave toasted pistachios made this dish!.it made so much i really need to not make it unless i'm going somewhere i can take it

I also made the cream peas with tempeh bacon, it was pretty good, tasty and salty and I would do it again.

the radishes i sliced and ate on a piece of toast with wholefoods mock chick salad, it added a lovely sharp spice to it.

this is a watermelon peach smoothie i made with the peaches, just cut up watermelon, peach and a banana, amazing

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Peachy keen

I love peach season love love love - i know i should or could make a great recipe with them but they are so delicious i can't help eating them fresh!

This box had peaches & grapefruit - i love grapefruit too but i get bored of them a little so for breakfast today i put peach AND grapfruit in my cereal, weird i know the grapefruit but i got the idea from the Engine 2 Diet - Rip's Big Bowl uses it and when if first tried that it was amazingly good. So the pic above is my own mini version : Shredded Spoonfuls, Ikea Muesli, Almond Milk, Peach, Grapefruit & strawberries.

so here is the Local Box list for 5/17/12

Cherry Tomatoes
Cream Peas
White Mushrooms

Cherry Tomatoes - in my salads, and i'm going to roast some because i crave them!
Peaches - yum

Cream Peas - i know this recipe has bacon but i'm gonna try it with tempeh bacon to see how it turns out, can't be bad! Southern Cream Peas and (tempeh)bacon

Mushrooms - i love mushrooms so i tend to put these in salads raw or a quick sautee with spinach and onions for a taco.

Cabbage - i still never made coleslaw, i just keep feeding it to Drizzle the guinea pig or using some in salads or taco toppings - i'm DETERMINED Vegan Coleslaw NOW

Basil - i'm so easily influenced, i overheard someone describing some exotic smoothie with pineapple and celery and basil so i want that now.  The box came with a simple cherry tomato and basil recipe that sounds good and summery....

Fennel - omg to this recipe! Fingerling Potatoes & Fennel

Radishes - they are the cool black radishes - i already fed the greens to Drizzle - he's a lucky guinea pig, organic local produce :)
I may roast them which i love or there is this Black Radish and Grapefruit salad that could use the other grapefruit!
I also love the idea of Radish sandwiches - here are two one is simple Radish & Butter open face Sandwich simple and fresh  - the other Green Pea, Avocado & Radish Sandwich - what???? yum

Thursday, May 17, 2012

i said snow peas NOT snoopys!

many many years ago i saw a comic strip of a waiter holding a tray of miniautre snoopys - and the customer at the table was saying "i said snow peas not snoopys" so i think of that whenever i eat snow peas!

i had fun with the bag of snow peas - seemed like they lasted forever - first i made the Thai style Tofu & Snow Peas over rice vermicelli - it was so amazing i kind of can't believe i made it myself - restaurant worthy.

One night i didn't feel like cooking and i had these packets of "healthy" ramen noodles so i added snow peas to the noodles as they cooked. it was good

here are the roasted beets & carrots again on a salad, so amazing, i had some left over and i just ate them cold out of the left over container

In between local box weeks last week i got the Vegan Meal Kit #2 box from Greenling - OMG these are so so worth it. 5 meals for 2.pre chopped up and prepped, with a little cookbook with directions. so easy. makes me feel accomoplished and together - i've been so busy lately, it helps a lot.  My kids won't eat most of it so i either share with my next door neighbor or have left overs and it lasts forever.  I totally forgot to take pictures but here is what was in box #2

Roasted Vegetable Sandwiches & Cole Slaw
BBQ Tempeh & red bean tacos (this was my FAVE)
Pasta with Eggplant Arrabiata
Vegan Minestrone with spinach salad
Ginger Garlic Stir Fry

Friday, May 4, 2012

Ketchup - which really means Catch Up

I can't believe how behind i am, i think it's been two or three boxes that i haven't written about! So i'm just gonna post some pics of the things i've made over the past few weeks then start with listing today's local box

roasted beets & carrots on a bed a lettuce

two weeks ago i grilled beets

One box we got a bag of mixed greens, so i sauteed them with  onions & garlic

The grilled beets were good in this pasta salad

I also have been using limes from the box on everything - especially some delicious papaya i bought.

So in yesterday's 5/3/12 local box i got:

Grape Tomatoes - YAY - i buy these weekly anyway for my salads, and these are like candy you can just pop in your mouth - sweet

Snow Peas - never had these in a box before! Will probably stir fry with other stuff, something asian-y

Summer Squash - again i will probably stir fry these



Green Cabbage

Red Beet Bunch

Carrot Bunch - i love when we get the carrots with the greens attached, or rather Drizzle the guinea pig loves it!


Grapefruit - had one for breakfast this morning! delish - one of my joys in life is a GOOD grapefruit knife

Ok, i just mentioned how i used grape tomatoes in my salads, well i just read the recipes that come with the box and it had Roasted Grape Tomatoes recipe - i made these last year and OMG, love them so much i may have to do that

Last box i roasted the beet & carrot and made that salad above, it was so good i have been craving it since then so i be un-advenetrous and stick with that!

Cabbage - i really want to make a coleslaw with this - this one looks amazing Vegan Cole Slaw - I LOVE pistachios and i will just use green cabbage only

Kale - i tend to just sautee but i found in my Appetite for Reduction cookbook a section about making "bowls to go" for taking lunch with you - i'm planning on actually being at the Austin Fine Properties offices more and working from there so need to plan like this - Mexican Kale Bowl has brown rice, black beans, steamed kale, steamed sweet potato, Red Velvet Mole sauce & cilantro.  The Mole sauce looks a little labor intensive for my usual ways but too yum to pass up

Snow Peas - i want this! Thai Style Tofu & Snow Peas on noodles - craving these kind of rich sauces lately -weird seeing as it's so hot already

Summer Squash - i'm extremely tempted to make this Grilled Tofu w/Summer Squash & Soba Noodles - my son loves when i use the grill and it just looks so delish - but i must caveat that i likely will get lazy and just stir fry or steam and eat with something else.

happy eating!