Friday, December 14, 2012

Local Box 12/13/12 - Vegan Greenling meal plan

I love a box full of leafy greens! So full of health n stuff

here's what we got: (thi pic shows limes, i got grapefruit instead)

Mustard Greens
Salad Mix
Swiss Chard
Louisiana Shallots
Sweet Potatoes

I'm so excited to have sunchokes! I swear in the whole time I have been getting the Local Box, they have been in the box on the weeks I don't get it.
I feel like i still need to learn more, but I kind of like the look of these basic Oven Roasted Sun Chokes - i found one with garlic and rosemary too

Cold weather + Cauilfower + Sweet potato = amazing soup

Curried Cauliflower & Sweet Potato Soup from Fat Free Vegan is difinitely being made

Ok the greens - I think I mentioned that I'm addicted to my Nutriblast shakes every morning and sometimes lunch too. I get in a rut with the greens, spinach or kale generally. So i will branch out this week with Chard and Mustard Greens.

However, I still, even though I have tried, not used my gorgeous cookbook Wild About Greens by Nava Atlas  - look at it, a gorgeous hardback book fool of deliciousness.

There some very tasty recipes using some combos of items from the local box, it's going to be hard to decide, especially as they overlap with my soup i'm so gung ho for above. The ones that caught my eye:

Chard with Brussel Sprouts & Red Peppers - can sub in mustard greens also. Sounds like a great holiday table recipe
Coconut Cauliflower Curry with Mustard Greens & Spinach
Curried Sweet Potatoes with Chard & Chickpeas
Citrus (Orange!) braised Mustard Greens with Apples &  Nuts
WOW how to pick!

I'm definitely going to make a salad with the Salad Greens and make Orange-Sesame Vinaigrette dressing from Appetite for Reduction by Isa Chandrea Moskowitz

so that's all folks - see ya after my cooking frenzy


  1. I've read several articles that suggest some effective vegan and vegetarian diets so people may avoid zinc deficiency. One of the most popular suggestions are the seventh-day Adventist which is composed of different vegetables and fruits for seven days. What are your insight regarding this one?

  2. my thoughts are that if you are eating a plant based diet that is varied and diverse and getting enough calories for your body then you shouldn't be deficient in anything exept B12 if you aren't using nutritional yeast or taking a suplement. No need to do anything special.