Friday, June 29, 2012

Tomato's & Squash for the Summer - Local Box 6/27/12

Hey, i've been remiss again! I missed a whole box so i will do a quick catch up and list this weeks box

Last box i got Okra which i discovered last year i love roasted eaten whole from this recipe - Roasted Okra
I also got this insane cucumber:

A summer squash that i roasted, some kale & collards which i honestly can't remember how i cooked, i think i sauteed them together and i do remember they were delicious.
How crazy that i can't remember what else i made!

Ok here is this weeks box:

Fresh Pinto Beans
Cherry Tomatoes
Turnip Greens
Summer Squash
White Mushroom
Butternut Squash
1015 Onions
Live Basil Plant

I'm excited about the Pinto beans! I never make them from scratch i'm about to go have lunch with Christy Morgan who wrote Blissful Bites so i'm going to pick her brain on how best to cook them!

I did buy two new cookbooks this week tho so i want to use them.
Quick & Easy Low-Cal Vegan Comfort Foods by Alicia C. Simpson - has a recipe for Pinto Beans in Ancho Chili sauce, i want to try that and make nachos, yeah i have a nacho craving!

The other book i got is Wild About Greens by Nava Atlas - so I'm gonna start easy with her Simple Garlicky Greens recipe for the Turnip Greens

The box came with a recipe that i simply must make - Summer Squash Mushroom Skillet with Cherry Tomatoes- uses Onion & basil too.

PS. Christy has never made fresh Pinto Beans as in not dried, so I googled it and looky here - the Greenling blog itself came up! So here ya go

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Local Box 5/31/12 - Indian Cucumber!

this lovely box arrived on my birthday so it felt like a present! Here's the list

Cherry Tomatoes
Cream Peas
Summer Squash
White Mushroom
Indian Cucumber
Green Onion

I just made a lil salad for dinner with spinach, Cherry Tomatoes, Green Onion and the interesting and very delicious Indian Cucumber - here is a picture, the left over part of the cucumber is to the left, it's short and fat and yellow.

Cream peas - i think i will make them without the tempeh bacon and just season them and eat with rice or something.

Peaches - mmmmm over cereal and in smoothies

Summer Squash - i think i will roast these

White Mushroom - salads or sauteed usually, maybe use with the summer squash on the a kebab - also found a yum sounding recipe in The Vegan Table by  Colleen Patrick-Goudreau for Mushroom Poppers, white mushrooms stuffed with vegan bacon & cream cheese, i need a party to go to so i can bring these!

Indian Cucumber, in the salad! there is another one left, i love cucumber and vinegar so i may make a Cucumber & Cherry Tomato salad of sorts, very summery and fresh

Kale - not sure - kale salad, smoothies, and/or my usual Nice Ass Greens - or actually the box came with a good looking recipe for Cream Pea and Kale stew - it

Green Onion - salad or sauted with the mushrooms

Beets - i probably will roast these - it's too good to not! but i just found a recipe in The Vegan Table by  Colleen Patrick-Goudreau for beet and sweet potato pizza, omg. It's kind of labor intensive so i can't promise anything!

cooking gets kind of basic in the summer!