Friday, August 10, 2012

Long Awaited Local Box 8/9/12!

I skipped a box when i was out of town, then i went out of town AGAIN but I came back today, the day after box delivery, so I kept it and wrangled my guinea pig sitter/neighbor to bring in and put away my box, I just couldn't bear going another 2 weeks without my gorgeous produce, especially after a beach diet of Fritos and French Fries.

So here is what was in this weeks box:

Assorted Lettuce
Chile Peppers
Acorn Squash
Yellow Onions
Live Mexican Oregano Plant

Seriously, we ate so much junk at the beach, well it wasn't that bad but we certainly didn't eat anything fresh except bananas and the only organic stuff i could find, some mixed greens.

So I will probably just eat the Peaches, Cantaloupe & Pears fresh and happily for breakfast, or smoothie them in the Vita-mix

Okra - the usual roasted whole with salt & pepper - you just eat them like poppers, can't get enough.

The box recipe suggests BLTs with the Tomatoes & Lettuce, one of my fave sandwiches from pre veg days so the mere suggestion makes me crave - soooo, i will go to Wholefoods and get some Fakin Bacon Tempeh strips and make a TLT with vegannaise and a dash of tabasco for perfection!

i think i will make this Baked Stuffed Acorn Squash recipe - i love baked beans, especially the British Heinz ones which you can get in some Randall's and Wholefoods!

not sure what to do with the mexican oregano - i found this delish looking Smokey Chipotle-Balsamic Salad Dressing recipe i may try.  i'm not good at using fresh herbs! any suggestions welcome

I'm also not sure what to do with the peppers - the list said it could be Mexican Chiles, Hungarian Peppers, Bell peppers or Sweet Peppers so i'm actually not sure what they are. They look like chile peppers to me. Roast them?? Saute with onions and tempeh for tacos??
we shall see

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