Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blissful Box 1/12/12

I had dinner AND breakfast last week with Christy Morgan the author of the cookbook Blissful Bites and the writer of one of my fave vegan blogs - - we talked about food alot, of course. And about fun cooking challenges, like veganizing a cookbook, or cooking one recipe from all your cookbooks like she is doing. So i figured in honor of all that i would make everything this week from Blissful Bites! She also said i could reprint one of the recipes here which is very cool of her

Mustard Greens
Komatsuna/Mizuna Bag
Green Leaf Lettuce
Green Cabage
Crimini Mushrooms
Mint Bag
Green Onions
Yellow Onion
Butternut Squash

Mustard Greens i'm going to sub for the Collard Greens in her African Collard Stir Fry - this recipe also uses orages so i will sub the Nectarines here - also it has sweet potatoes and i happen to have one left from the last box - Oh and i may add a few Komatsuna leaves in here for kicks but also will use them in a salad (see below)

Cabbage - it's a huge cabbage so i think i can make two recipes.  I want to use a few leaves and the Mushrooms in Chinese cabbage roll ups, stir fried veggies wrapped up in raw cabbage leaves like a taco.
The rest i want to use in Not-your-average cabbage slaw - i love coleslaw, this has walnuts and cranberries in it. LOVE

Mint - There's a recipe for spring rolls called asian rice paper rolls with almond bliss dipping sauce - i love making spring rolls, the mint will be great in these. The almond bliss dipping sauce is like peanut sauce but better.

Butternut Squash - OMG there is a recipe called macro "mac and cheeze" - that has butternut squash, quinoa pasta shells, tofu, nootch n other stuff and the photos looks amazing so, yeah, i'm making that.

Mizuna & Komatsuna - I'm going to use the Mizuna and some Komatsuna instead of Arugula in Christy's Arugula-Edamame salad with orange Sesame Vinaigrette using of course a tangerine instead of orange. The recipe also calls for mandarin oranges, i could probably use tangerine segments here too

Here's to a Blissful week!

you can find Christy's book on Amazon or check her website link above, and you can follow her on twitter @theblissfulchef

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